Encounters With Israelis

Jewish-Israeli society is made up of diverse groups with widely varying beliefs, opinions
and lifestyles. One of the goals of the Pluralism and Peoplehood module is to bring the
participants into contact with some of these groups and to help them understand the
pluralistic nature of Israeli society and the diverse expressions of what it means to be
Jewish in Israel.
In this unit, participants will have the opportunity to explore the relationship between two
or more sectors of Israeli society. Rather than staging a classic “panel debate” the
representatives will be encouraged to focus on their perceptions of, and relationships
with, the other.

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The Kotel Controversy- Activity

Credit:Times of Israel

One of the most important issues in recent days is the controversy around the egalitarian prayer at the Kotel. For years people have been struggling for the right for all the jews to pray in the Kotel according to their costum.

The main goal of this activity in the Educational Kit, is to understand the decision taken by the Israeli government and to learn about the reactions of the different groups involved in the controversy.

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Israel Sites as Text

Credit: OHAYON AVI אוסף התצלומים הלאומי

We also provide you a small booklet that connects the idea of Peoplehood with some sites in Israel regardless if physically you are in the place or not. This material can connect you to the Peoplehood issue through significant locations in Israel. These places bring with them dilemmas that are fundamental for questions about the future of the Jewish people, learning about its history and its meaning.

The guidelines are arranged by site. Within each site a number of different issues are presented. Each issue is accompanied by ideas, points and questions for group discussion at the site.

The appendix to these guidelines contains the sources referred to in the discussion of each site, together with some ideas and pointers for clear understanding and use of the texts.

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The Nation´s Timeline Activities

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The Nation´s Timeline Activities