Why do Jews pray in Hebrew? Is it because God doesn’t understand English?!”

NO! The language of the Jewish People is Hebrew, because language is the way that every group transmits its culture to the next generation. And the Hebrew language contains Jewish values and beliefs that teach and sustain.

Do Jews “fall in love”? No, we believe that we ‘rise in love’ and so we use the word ‘lehitahev’, which reflects mutuality and relationship.

And we know that the past and the future are connected, so the word for ‘before’, ‘kedem’, and ‘forward’, ‘kadima’, come from the same root. And these are just two examples of many.


Falling in love’ in Hebrew


Hebrew school

  1. What is the challenge of Hebrew as the Jewish language, today?
  2. English as a Jewish language? What are the consequences of using non-Hebrew languages to communicate between us and in our Jewish lives?
  3. Is the Jewish identity: national culture or religion?
  4. Hands-on Hebrew learning and facilitating use of Hebrew between the participants.

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