“You’re a Jewish youngster. There’s the Jewish State.


These are the words that sent Avraham to Israel, where he made aliyah as a teenager.

And why? Because Avraham believes that Israel is the place where Jews are writing the next chapters of the story of the Jewish People.

And there are other reasons too, including the fact that the Jewish People’s rain, which Jews pray for from their homes all over the world, only falls in Israel!

Praying for rain


Making Aliyah


The “Birkat”


No more Jewish refugees

  • The implications of sovereignty on the Jewish people and on individual Jews – both those who live in Israel and those who don’t?
  • Israel-Diaspora relations: “Kol Israel Arevim ze la-ze”: what responsibilities does each group have towards the human race, the Jewish people as a whole, and the other group in particular?

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