Educational Guidelines for the Nation´s Timeline


Family Circle

● To learn about some important events of modern Israeli history

Target Audience​ – multi-generational groups or families

Blog Israel

To create a connection to Israel for participants by emphasizing the things they have
in common with young Israelis and “cool” aspects of Israeli society (web culture, blogs

Target Audience:​ High School aged students





● To learn about some Israeli heroes
● To discuss why heroes are important to us. Their role in our lives / society

Target audience: Primary and Middle School


Hands on Zionism

To understand the basic definition of Zionism from its beginnings

Target Audience: 16 and up


History of Zionism

To help participants to understand that there are many definitions of Zionism and
to increase their confidence is accepting and defending the label Zionist.

Target Audience: High school and up


I Built a House in Eretz Israel- Pre School

To connect the kids with Israel, making them feel Israel as their home.

Target Audience: Pre-School kids


We (the Jewish) People

To introduce participants to the discussions taking place in Israel about creating a
constitution and to provide the historical background to these debates.

Target ​Audience: Educators/Rabbis/Adults in advanced learning settings


Eshet Chail Women of Valor

For participants to learn about the contribution of women to recent Israeli

Target Audience: Middle School and up


Symbols of a State

To introduce the Israeli flag, its meaning and historical inception.

Target Audience: Middle School


Declaration of Independence

To learn about the contents of Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Target Audience: High School and Adults